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Protection candle - Each protection candle has been carefully hand-poured and decorated
locally. It has notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver and is infused with natural
essential oils. Every candle is topped with black tourmaline and Bronzite crystals as well as
orange peel salt and rosemary (see metaphysical benefits below). This candle is not only
beautiful but has both a mysterious and comforting scent.
Black Tourmaline - This crystal is often used for protection from negative thoughts/
intentions, balance, and grounding. This stone is best placed near the front door of your
house to help create a calm, peaceful, and relaxing environment as you walk in.
Bronzite - This crystal is commonly used for grounding, promoting clarity, and dispelling
negativity. Bronzite is a very versatile stone and can also help with creativity and self-
Orange peel - Oranges have often been associated with happiness, cleansing, love,
prosperity, and friendship.
Sea salt - Salt is often used for protection from evil, protection of the home, and cleansing.
Rosemary - This herb is frequently used in both the kitchen and for its metaphysical
properties such as protection, clarity, and purification.

Protection candle

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