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Cleansing candle - Each cleansing candle has been carefully hand-poured and decorated
locally. It has notes of green leaves, lily of the valley rose and sandalwood creating a fresh
and welcoming scent. Every candle is topped with Satin spare (selenite), Rainbow fluorite,
Lavender, Sea Salt, and Rosemary (see metaphysical properties below). This candle is a
great gift and perfect for a lazy rainy day. 
Satin Spar - This type of gypsum is commonly used for cleansing, protecting, and shielding
you from negativity. It is often kept above doors or entryways to keep out negativity.
Rainbow Fluorite - This crystal is often used for focus, intuition, and for cleansing. 
Sea salt - Salt is often used for protection from evil, protection of the home, and cleansing.
Rosemary - This herb is frequently used in both the kitchen and for its metaphysical
properties such as protection, clarity, and purification. 
Lavender - This herb is known for easing anxiety and balance.

Cleansing candle

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